Temex – our investments change the market

From the beginning, Temex has focused on innovation. Thanks to such foundations as well the professional and creative team, the company can carry out complex projects using its own ideas and in-depth construction knowledge.

It was no different in case of the innovative bulletproof walls, the installations of which was a part of the execution of cash points of the UniKasa payment service network throughout Poland. One of the fit-out elements of such interiors was a bullet-proof front wall, protecting the cash storage and dispensing area. At the time, such systems were unavailable in Poland and using their foreign substitutes far exceeded the investor’s budget. – The task was very difficult. We did not even allow for the thought that we would not be able to complete this project. Therefore, we came up with the idea to build our own systems based on numerous calculations and our knowledge. Then, we suggested a very innovative solution to the designer which very quickly gained recognition and, what is most important, practical application. – explains a Temex representative.

A solution was suggested in the form of a wall on a UA50 profile structure, clad on both sides with 4mm steel sheeting, glued peripherally with silicone. The top layer was plasterboard with vertical edges joined by Omega-type profiles. However, the secret to the bullet-proofness of this wall was its infill. In order for the wall to absorb bullet energies, it had to be massive and resistant to minor deformations without damaging the structure. The ideal energy absorber turned out to be fine quartz sand. – Our solution passed all the ballistic tests and, together, with a special feeding basin and bullet-proof glass, was used at all the UniKasa points, creating a safe protective barrier. This solution is still used and highly valued by investors and partners to this day, because it provides the expected security. – says a Temex representative.