Reconstruction of office space in Warsaw Spire for Panattoni

Reconstruction of office space in Warsaw Spire for Panattoni: Revolution in Arrangement

In the heart of Warsaw, in the prestigious Warsaw Spire building, TEMEX has undertaken an ambitious project – a comprehensive reconstruction of office space. As part of this innovative transformation, a team of specialists carried out thorough construction and installation dismantling, transforming the existing space in accordance with the new vision.

The new room layout was designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, with new plasterboard and glass walls that harmonize harmoniously with a variety of finishes – from vinyl wallpapers and photo wallpapers, through felt cladding, to Baux panels and veneer.

Unusual details, such as acoustic curtains and foils with variable transparency, add character and depth to the interior. The whole is complemented by felt ceilings, wooden and mineral strips, which create a coherent and elegant whole.

We also did not forget about the practical aspects of arrangement – the delivery of furniture, including modern kitchen furniture with household appliances, functional wardrobes and innovative furniture solutions, such as free-standing seats with flower pots or conference tables.

The final accent is the adaptation of existing building and sanitary installations to the new arrangement, including decorative fixtures that emphasize the modern character of the space.

Thanks to this project, the space in Warsaw Spire has become a symbol of modernity and luxury for Panattoni, while being an example of excellence in design and workmanship.

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Selvita company in Krakow – Temex has completed arrangement works

Take a breath and immerse yourself in the world of elegance and functionality. Temex, masters of arrangement, has just completed work in the new heart of Selvita in Krakow. Our work involved creating the perfect drywall spaces that, like dancing notes, focus on aesthetics and functionality. With sophisticated acoustic ceilings and mesmerizing wall coverings, the building exudes harmony and elegance at every turn. But it’s not everything! Temex has created exquisite stoneware that adds expression to any room, and the outdoor terrace is a place where magic penetrates from the inside to the outside. The ceiling was supplied by Mextri and the glass walls were supplied by Tripolis. Prepare to be enchanted as our creation comes to life in full splendor!

Krzysztof Penderecki’s Lusławice Manor – renovation works

The Temex company has carried out renovation works in the Lusławice Manor. The estate once belonged to Professor Krzysztof Penderecki, where he lived and composed in the midst of beautiful nature.

In the park of the Italian Garden, we made new pedestals, perfectly reproduced from the original. Part of the main fence along with the entrance gates have been rebuilt or renovated.

We are proud that we were entrusted with work in such an important and personal place as Lusławice was for the Professor.

This is not the first meeting with a place associated with Professor Krzysztof Penderecki. Several years ago, we participated in finishing works at the Pendereckis’ headquarters in Warsaw.



Transfer Centre Gliwice

A modern Transfer Centre is being built in Gliwice. The project, commonly known as the Western Gate of the Silesia Metropolis, is one of the largest and most important investments in Gliwice. On the post-railway areas on the side of Tarnogórka Street, a transfer node for all means of urban transport will be constructed.

Within this project, Temex will build all expanded metal ceilings – around 15,000m2 – and stone flooring – around 3,300m2.

The works are supposed to end in December 2021.

Hyperion Siechnice

A new office building called Hyperion Park is being built in Siechnice near Warsaw. The office space is to meet all the requirements of the present and future Contractors and to provide a friendly workplace for employees. The three-storey building is situated on a plot between Grabskiego and Opolska Street – the national road connecting Oława and Wrocław.

As a Subcontractor of Specbau, Temex is carrying out office space design work.

The Warsaw Division plans to complete all its works in July 2021.

Trombity Warsaw

Within their internal cooperation with the Investor TEMEX NIERUCHOMOŚCI, Temex will build multi-family houses in Trombity Street in Warsaw.

According to the project, there will be eight semi-detached single-family dwellings built, together with all the necessary technical infrastructure (including gas installation) and landscaping elements.

14 residential units will be created, each of them ranging in size from 137m2 to 182m2 and having their own boiler room, garage and garden.

This is the third investment of the Temex Company being carried out in Trombity Street in Warsaw. According to the schedule, the works will be completed in October 2022.

The works are carried out by the Warsaw Division.

Hampton Balice Cracow

The Hampton by Hilton Kraków Airport Hotel is one of the new investments in Poland. It shall be built next to the Balice Airport. The facility is to operate on the basis of a franchise contract between Hilton and Vanezza Sp. z o.o.

The total area of the Cracow building will amount to 7. 800 m2. The architectural studio behind the project is Iliard Architecture & Project Management.

The new hotel operating under the Hampton by Hilton brand will offer 173 rooms. The fit-out works shall be carried out by Temex.

The Wieliczka Division responsible for the works will complete them in August 2021.

PZU Warsaw

The newly constructed Generation Park Y building – the highest office building of the Skanska Company in Central and Eastern Europe – will be from now on the new seat of the PZU Group.

Generation Park Y is a 140-metre-high building, crowing Skanska’s office complex and the greenest skyscraper in the capital.

Temex, as one of Skanska’s Constructors, is carrying out the fit-out works of the floors rented by PZU.

The works are carried out by the Warsaw Division and are supposed to end in March 2022.

MDK Nowy Targ

In Nowy Targ, the Temex Company is involved in the redevelopment and renovation of a more than 40 years old building which houses an auditorium.

Among other things, the new concept involves expanding the auditorium, making it more functional and increasing its seat capacity.

The Warsaw Division is carrying out all the works connected with the acoustic cladding of the walls and ceilings of the auditorium. Furthermore, the company will also provide mobile acoustic diffusers.

The works are supposed to end in July 2021.

Temex – our investments change the market

From the beginning, Temex has focused on innovation. Thanks to such foundations as well the professional and creative team, the company can carry out complex projects using its own ideas and in-depth construction knowledge.

It was no different in case of the innovative bulletproof walls, the installations of which was a part of the execution of cash points of the UniKasa payment service network throughout Poland. One of the fit-out elements of such interiors was a bullet-proof front wall, protecting the cash storage and dispensing area. At the time, such systems were unavailable in Poland and using their foreign substitutes far exceeded the investor’s budget. – The task was very difficult. We did not even allow for the thought that we would not be able to complete this project. Therefore, we came up with the idea to build our own systems based on numerous calculations and our knowledge. Then, we suggested a very innovative solution to the designer which very quickly gained recognition and, what is most important, practical application. – explains a Temex representative.

A solution was suggested in the form of a wall on a UA50 profile structure, clad on both sides with 4mm steel sheeting, glued peripherally with silicone. The top layer was plasterboard with vertical edges joined by Omega-type profiles. However, the secret to the bullet-proofness of this wall was its infill. In order for the wall to absorb bullet energies, it had to be massive and resistant to minor deformations without damaging the structure. The ideal energy absorber turned out to be fine quartz sand. – Our solution passed all the ballistic tests and, together, with a special feeding basin and bullet-proof glass, was used at all the UniKasa points, creating a safe protective barrier. This solution is still used and highly valued by investors and partners to this day, because it provides the expected security. – says a Temex representative.